Choosing The Right Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Claim

Filing a personal injury claim can be stressful enough without the added stress of making sure you deal with the right personal injury lawyer for your case. The following tips can help you find someone reliable and able to provide you with the best chance of winning your case.

Get Recommendations

Many of us have friends, family, or coworkers who have had to use a law firm to handle their personal injury case, and a good starting point is to ask them about their experience and whether they would recommend that firm. And if you have a lawyer that you consult for other reasons, you may want to ask them to see if they can recommend a reliable personal injury lawyer.

Google is the first place that many of us look for online reviews, and it’s still the best place to find authentic and objective reviews of area law firms. Whether the experience was good or bad, people like to post their reviews and comments online, and it can be an effective way of finding a law firm you feel you can work with.

We are proud of the reputation we have built up and the positive feedback we receive from our clients, and we encourage potential clients to read reviews of our law firm. If you are trying to find the right personal injury lawyer to handle your case, going by client comments and reviews can be one of the most effective methods.

Do Your Research

You want to be as well informed as possible before deciding on a law firm to handle your personal injury case, and doing some preliminary research on several likely law firms should be your next step. Answering questions about their experience, qualifications, and background is something that any reputable lawyer doesn’t mind doing. Ask the following questions, as well as any others you come up with:

  • Is personal injury law the full extent of your firm’s practice?
  • Tell me something about your professional background and your education.
  • Will files be reviewed by a medical expert on your legal team?
  • Will support staff or other practitioners take over my case, or will you be handling it yourself from start to finish?
  • Have you handled cases like mine, and if so, what were the results?

Your local Bar Association or Barrister’s Society can also verify that the lawyer you want to work with is in good standing and has no complaints filed against them.

Online searches can be an effective way to gather as much information about a personal injury lawyer, allowing you to make a more informed decision. If possible, work with a law firm that specializes in personal injury claims, rather than one with different areas of expertise.

Look At The Lawyer’s Experience

A law firm may devote all of their time to personal injury law, or it may just be one area in which they practice. You want to be assured that your case is similar to previous cases that the law firm has handled in the past, not just the same type of case but of the same severity too.

You probably also want to know the steps a personal injury lawyer will take to help you and exactly how they tackle the process of helping you. The approach that we have to personal injury law is clearly explained here.

How Are Legal Fees Paid?

It can add up very quickly if you work with a personal injury lawyer who charges for their services on an hourly basis. Taking cases on a contingency fee basis is common with many law firms, and it’s something to verify before working with a particular firm.

Charging between 30 and 40 percent in contingency fees is common with most lawyers, and the contingency system means that only if and when your case is settled, or your lawyer wins in court, will you have to pay your lawyer.

Many people are understandably worried about the high cost of hiring a lawyer, and working on the contingency fee basis makes a lot of sense. However, before working with a particular law firm, you should always make sure you feel comfortable with them and have confidence in them.

Who Is Responsible For the Expenses?

The costs associated with pursuing a claim are sometimes known as disbursements, and you need to know who is responsible for these before you sign any agreement. Hiring one or more expert witnesses to testify on your behalf and filing documents at the local courthouse are just two of the costs, and combined these costs can run anywhere between several hundred dollars to over ten thousand dollars. In some cases, the law firm will pay these costs until you win your case or it is settled, but clearly, you need to know ahead of time who is going to be responsible for them. The law firm may charge you interest on these costs if they pay them for you, and of course, you need to know that too, as well as when they have to be paid back.

Work With a Lawyer You Feel Comfortable With

Having confidence in your personal injury lawyer and feeling comfortable working with them are both important when choosing a law firm. And although the law firm itself that you choose is important, the actual lawyer that represents you is more important.

Getting an idea of how a particular law firm operates is important, too, and a good opportunity to do that is during the initial free consultation that’s offered by most law firms. And that meeting also gives you the opportunity to talk to your personal injury lawyer, ask any questions and get a feel for how confident, professional, and capable they seem. Keep in mind that you are under no obligation to work with that particular lawyer just because you had an initial free consultation with them. Feeling confident in the law firm you choose is a must, and it’s worth taking the time to find the right person.

Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Case

You were in a bad accident, and life hasn’t been the same since. However, there’s a way to get the compensation you deserve.

No one can put a dollar amount on an injury, even if it causes serious problems for the rest of your life. But if you play your cards right, you could file a personal injury claim and get compensated for your pain and suffering.

Since you’ve been injured, get a personal injury lawyer, file a claim and use the following tips to get compensated and move on with life.

Get Prepared Mentally Before Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Research personal injury law and become knowledgeable about how the personal injury claims process works. This will make things flow much smoother. When it comes to car accidents, you’ll have to spar against the other party’s insurance company. Unfortunately, these companies have much more experience than you.

In addition, when you file a personal injury claim, the process is usually long and drawn out. Many times, these claims never reach the courtroom. Most Ontario personal injury claims are settled out of court.

Maybe you should consider settling out of court. Why? It will allow you to get compensated much quicker and move on with life. However, if you and the other party do not agree, then a mediator can determine the outcome of the case.

Hire the Best Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Afford

You cannot avoid hiring a personal injury lawyer. It is a necessity. This professional knows the process and knows how to get a successful outcome.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can get the most from your personal claim. He will fight on your behalf and ensure you are not scammed by the other party’s insurance company or lawyers.

Not only can a reputable personal injury lawyer help you to prepare for the personal injury claim process, but he also knows personal injury law and can take the stress off of you.

Do not attempt to go through the process by yourself. Hire a professional to handle the legal aspects. You are not a trained lawyer and do not know the various loopholes that are involved.

The average personal injury lawyer works on a contingency basis. This means you do not have to pay him until your case is won, and you are compensated for your injury. Thus, this motivates him, even more, to fight for a successful outcome.

Get the Needed Documents

Make sure you’ve collected all accident documents. This is the best way to ensure you’ll get the most compensation for your injury. This includes things such as police reports, accident evidence, and other important paperwork. The more information you can supply, the better the chance your claim won’t be denied.

Start collecting documents and preparing your case immediately after your accident. Take pictures of your damaged vehicle, the accident and yourself.

The police will complete an accident report and give it to your insurance company. Watch what you say at the scene of the accident. Sometimes what is said can be used against you during the court proceedings. This could be something as simple as apologizing to the other driver or saying that you have not suffered any injuries.

You must supply the right medical paperwork if you want to receive compensation for your injuries. This is the only way to prove you were actually injured and it warrants compensation.

You may also have to present lost wages documents or receipts for any other money you’ve had to dish out as a result of the accident.

Know What You are Entitled to

There are numerous things you can sue the other driver for, which means you must become knowledgeable about personal injury law and learn what you’re entitled to. This is the best way to get properly compensated. You could possibly leave money on the table if you don’t learn as much as you can about the process.

For example, don’t forget about the economic loss. This is just one of the many things you can sue the other driver for. Did you know that you could possibly receive 80% of both your pre-trial and post-trial wages?

You can also sue the other driver for pain and suffering. However, in order for this type of personal injury claim to be successful, you must meet the verbal threshold. This means the defendant has to prove either physical impairment, permanent disfigurement, physical impairment or mental suffering. This also applies if the victim died in the accident.

When it comes to impairment, the court will also consider how it has impacted your life. If you’ve been seriously injured, and it has negatively affected your ability to work or live your everyday life, then this is greatly considered during the personal injury claim process.

If this threshold is met, it will also qualify you for loss of guidance, care, and companionship. This means a family member of a deceased accident victim also files a personal injury claim.

In addition to all of the above, you can get compensated for personal medical bills. This is especially the case if you have been seriously injured or disfigured.

Think About Getting Interim Payments

As aforementioned, the personal injury claim process can be long and drawn out. Many victims get frustrated with the whole process because it takes too long to see compensation after a car accident. This is especially frustrating if victims can’t return to work during this time. It results in lost income, but they haven’t received compensation yet.

Although you may want to accept a quick settlement, don’t do it. Ask for an interim payment instead. This is an advance payment the defendant agrees to give you before the settlement is reached. This amount is deducted from the total amount of the settlement.

If it looks like you’re going to win, you can usually qualify for an interim payment. This often means the defendant looks guilty, or there is obvious liability and you are seriously injured.

When this happens, defendants don’t mind offering interim payments as a way to make themselves look better. It is an act of goodwill.

Yes, times may get rough during the personal injury claim process, but don’t settle for less than what you actually deserve. An experienced and reputable personal injury lawyer will fight for you and get the compensation that is rightfully yours.

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